“Putin” chants: Fenerbahce President refuses to apologize to Ukraine

Sport “Putin” chants

Fenerbahce president refuses to apologize to Ukraine

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Now Uefa is investigating: the fans of Fenerbahce Istanbul and their tasteless provocations

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In the game against Dynamo Kyiv, fans of Fenerbahce Istanbul caused a scandal. The appendix chanted “Vladimir Putin”. Now the president of the club reported. However, instead of apologizing, Ali Koc criticized the behavior of the Ukrainian players.

NAfter fans of Fenerbahce Istanbul shouted “Vladimir Putin” during the game against Dynamo Kyiv, the club distanced itself from the behavior of the fans – but club president Ali Koc does not want to apologize to Ukraine.

“In my opinion, they were inappropriate, unnecessary shouts. They were far removed from Fenerbahce’s identity and values. But what should we do, close people’s mouths with a zipper?” Koc said on Saturday, according to the sports newspaper “Fanatik”. “We will not apologize to Ukraine.” Koc also stressed that the Ukrainian players provoked the fans several times.

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Fenerbahce’s stance is clear, Koc said. “We are not on the side of anyone, we are against the war, we are on the side of humanity. Our position is that clear.”

Uefa announce investigation

Numerous Fenerbahce supporters chanted the name of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the second half of the second Champions League qualifying round on Wednesday evening in Istanbul. Vitaly Bujalskyj (57th minute) had given Kyiv the lead, and then there were calls of “Vladimir Putin” from the stands. Fenerbahce had distanced themselves from the behavior of the fans. The football union Uefa wants to initiate a disciplinary investigation into the incident.

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