Provincial judo returns to routine with the Provincial Cup

Today, the Pazo dos Deportes Paco Paz will host the second day of the Diputación de Judo Cup 2022, a competition that will bring together fifty participants from all over the province.

The main novelty is the competition itself, since it returns after the two-year hiatus due to the health situation since the pandemic interrupted the 2020 Cup and although the medals and prizes of that edition were awarded in 2021, it is now when the provincial judo resumes its routine.

The second day, of the four scheduled, will outline the best positioned for the final victory of each category, since it is a competition that rewards attendance.

The categories were distributed from the Lollipop -less than 18 kilos- to the youth and, in addition, the fusion of the male and female categories is maintained in the Open category, open to competitors of both sexes. A measure that increases the number of fights between the participants and invigorates the rhythm of the tournament.



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