NBA 2K23 will not be the next-gen version on PC, which angers players

Fans have discovered a series of very upsetting news on the NBA 2K23 FAQ page on the game’s official website. The FAQs confirm that the PC and Nintendo Switch versions of NBA 2K23 will not be the next-gen versions. This news has upset many fans, many of whom were clamoring to be able to play the latest NBA on their PC in the highest quality. NBA 2K23 copies with the most advanced graphical and technical upgrades will only be available on the newest consoles, Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5.

Over the past few console generations, 2K Sports has prioritized the console experience for NBA titles over PC. Often the version of NBA that is ported to PC is from the previous console generation rather than the current generation. PCs are perfectly capable of running modern console games, but 2K Sports refuses to optimize the NBA on PC to live up to current consoles. The Nintendo Switch is a much less powerful console than the Xbox Series X or PlayStation, so many didn’t expect 2K to release current-gen versions of NBA 2K23 on Switch unless it was via the cloud. gaming.

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