Matchpoint: Tennis Championships could have been the best tennis simulator

Nick Kyrgioscover star of Matchpoint Tennis Championships it is a faithful reflection of the video game itself. A tennis player with all the wicks to have been a great champion and who, due to details that are tremendously important in the end, has simply remained a good tennis player. Exactly the same for this new tennis simulator that lands on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

A great playable base…

The best of Matchpoint Tennis Championships it’s his control and the way it reflects real tennis. Instead of basing everything on the timing to hit the ball and in the placement of our tennis player, the Torus Games simulator adds a third playable leg to the formula: the location of the ball. Actually, all tennis games allow us to hit in the direction we prefer, but here we can literally place the ball at the point of the track that we prefer.

It is a game in which we look more towards the rival court to see where we are going to place the ball than to our own part of the court to position our tennis player, something we do much more sideways. It seems like a strange system, but it really works wonderfully and allows us to reproduce rallies that have seemed much more realistic than what we have seen in other tennis simulators.

The importance of the types of blow is also decisive. While in some titles of the genre the best option is always the flat and strong hit, here the use of topspin shots that allow us to return to the center of the court when the rival has misplaced us, opt for drops to the purest Alcaraz style, the top spins to open more angle and move our rival from side to side or the use of the balloon when our opponents go up to the net. Ultimately, there is a greater variety of strokes, and it is something that we greatly appreciate.

We also loved the strengths and weaknesses system that the AI ​​uses. As we play and use different types of shots, we discover the strengths and weaknesses of our rivals. Thus, we can run into players whose weaknesses are setbacks, running backwards to recover a lob or even more original defects or virtues, such as being worse or better during break points or coming up the more games they have to come back.


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Matchpoint – Tennis Championships Release Trailer

…Ruined by a low budget

If everything is so good at a playable level, what is wrong with Matchpoint Tennis Championships? Well, basically, everything related to the budget of the game. Graphically it is outdated in a brutal way. It is not that it does not take advantage of the capabilities of PS5 or Xbox Series X, it is that it does not take advantage of those of PS4 or Xbox One either.


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