Manchester United today: Erik Ten Hag’s rules for players in the professional squad | premier league

Manchester United hope to improve on recent results. The disappointing campaign in the Premier League, elimination in the Champions League and not qualifying for the next edition of the European competition, leave the club in a bad position. Now, the exit of Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be sung, despite all the complications that this may represent.

The arrival of the Dutchman Erik Ten Hag is exciting, as his campaign with Ajax supports him. Now, with another European giant, the work will be more demanding. Many technicians have passed through Old Trafford in recent times. Since Ferguson, none has managed to fit the best seasons, despite the fact that titles were achieved with Mouriho, being the most remarkable of recent times.

The new strategist arrives with his idea, style and other rules to be able to carry out his project. Ten Hag will have no mercy, when it comes to figures, regardless of whether it is Ronaldo (with no defined future) these will be his five rules, for the management of Manchester United, for the new season.

1. Arriving on time for practice: If any player is late for practice, they will not be able to be present. He will be expelled from the session, without exception.

2. Zero alcohol throughout the season: the Dutchman will try to keep his players in the best competition rhythm. For this, he will prohibit them from drinking alcohol during the week that there are games. Due to the tight schedule in England and at UEFA level, they won’t be able to do it for the whole season.

3. Everyone eats at the club: personal chefs will be prohibited, so players must follow the coaching staff’s meal plan. For each player, there will be a special menu, trying to increase the consumption of vegetables and fish.

4. In addition to the above, weight control will be strict for all players.

5. Problems are solved and talked to your face: Ten Hag will not tolerate any type of intermediary, everyone must go directly to the strategist, without raising the issue with representatives and other people.


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