Laia Palau: “The future for consolidating the Uni project is exciting”

After pondering it for a long time, Peter Puig has decided to step aside to dedicate himself to the board of directors of Spar Girona and leave the sports management to Laia Palau, who since retiring as a player also takes on other roles within the club such as the management of the grassroots project. This afternoon the two protagonists and President Cayetano Pérez staged the change of roles in Fontajau.

Laia Palau was happy and very ambitious to take on a new role within the club and, consequently, to professionalise the role of sports director. “I understand that with the demands of a club of this level and the structure we have it will not be about doing just one thing. My job will not just be the sporting director and Pere is not leaving, although he wants to leave. He’s very good at his job and talent can’t be wasted. We want all the talents to add up and I have to learn. My work so far has been on the court and maybe managing groups but I’ll try learn fast and do it in the best way. It’s a very big responsibility. I’m super happy and motivated, I hope to have your support. The future is exciting. I hope it goes well. We hope we can close the team and that let’s have success, at least consolidate this project that has cost so much to get here as one of the strengths of the League and a solid one of the Euroleague,” he said. The new sports director has revealed that the club is working to close the signing of “an important piece”. “She’s American and hopefully we can announce it soon. We’re working on it,” he confessed.

For his part, Pere Puig has acknowledged that “it is difficult to keep something from these 17 years” and that the transfer of the sports director to Laia Palau has been carried out in a “natural way”. “These years we talked a lot with Laia. I could see that we were all walking a little towards this. The club needs freshness and ways of doing things differently. You can’t stop Laia, she has a drive like on the court , I think his ideas will be very good for the Uni”, he assured.



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