Kiyokazu Saga / Basketball girls “Kiyowa-like” 8 swearing Athletes who participated in the national high school as a whole are interviewed by school students | Sports | Saga Shimbun News

Participating school students interview athletes who participated in the national high school as a whole

Kiyokazu Saga / Basketball Girls

With the regret of last year’s runner-up in mind, the whole prefectural high school challenged without fear. The Saga Seiwa High School Women’s Basketball Club won the championship for the first time in five years.

Captain Nozomi Nakazawa said about the team, “In the past, there was a hesitation in the harsh voices of the members, and the atmosphere was loose. But now, regardless of the grade, I can express honest opinions and play with a good sense of tension.” Says. Although she struggled with the balance between team harmony and uncompromising rigor, she said she decided, “First, let’s change from being the captain.”

The fun in the hard practice is “the moment when all the members can enjoy the nice spray”. You can see the atmosphere of the club. The rigor and enjoyment of each day is a proof of mutual trust, and it is a gift that can only be obtained by the team. Interscholastic is the challenge to improve bonds and techniques. I swear to be in the top 8 in Japan with a play that seems to be Kiyowa.

(Sentence, Kotoo Nonaka = Student Organization)

Starting on the 23rd in 5 prefectures such as Tokushima and Kagawa prefectures, the students of the participating schools interviewed the athletes who decided to participate from the prefecture to the whole national high school where high school athletes compete. A total of 37 pairs of men and women will be introduced as an initiative of the joint project “Media Teens Saga” by Saga Shimbun and high schools in the prefecture.

MEDIA TEENS SAGA(Media Teens Saga) Saga Shimbun’s efforts to support media club activities such as the broadcasting club and newspaper club of high schools in the prefecture. Articles, photographs, and videos that high school students have independently interviewed will be published on the paper and electronic version of the Saga Shimbun.


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