In the stands, Steph Curry makes the buzz at the Warriors game!

After a hard-earned title and Finals MVP crown, Stephen Curry decided to stay in the San Francisco Bay Area, and was therefore able to attend the Warriors’ first Summer League game. A meeting during which he stood out in the stands!

You have to believe that after only two big weeks of vacation, he is already starting to miss the atmosphere of NBA games. Just crowned champion for the 4th time in his career, and for the first time MVP of the Finals, Stephen Curry will not have stayed away from the floors of the league for long. And when he appears near that of the Chase Center, it is impossible for him to go unnoticed.

In fan mode, Stephen Curry returns the canvas

The California Summer League started this Saturday on the Pacific coast, with two games already on the program. Among them, a derby between the Kings and the Warriors, played in the Dubs room. Steph could not help but take a dip there, and was quickly spotted by the cameramen. Projected on the big screen and cheered with chants of “MVP!” “, the star leader quickly found the best way to ignite the public!

In the middle of popcorn tasting, Curry had to say hello to the Golden State crowd, and did it in his own way, with his celebration becoming famous in recent weeks. Ja Morant will appreciate, he who had recently reacted to this gesture with the strong way. Steph for his part did not stop there, and gave of his body during a time out to recover… a t-shirt intended for the spectators!

As the good dad that he is, Curry obviously wanted at all costs to offer this gift to his young son, Canon, who had accompanied him to follow the meeting. Successful bet for the double MVP, to whom nothing can resist at the moment. Unfortunately for his team, his presence was not synonymous with victory (68-86). He will nevertheless be able to return this Sunday to the Chase Center to hope to see his teammates win against the Lakers!

Even as a mere spectator, Stephen Curry manages to steal the show from the rejuvenated Warriors roster. It must be said that the guy knows how to do it to draw attention and light to him!



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