‘I Lost My Way’ – Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez Gets Candid On Receiving Longest Suspension In MLB History For Using Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez entertained people for a time in Major League Baseball. Having played more than 20 years in professional baseball, the former New York Yankees star was one of the cleanest hitters in the game. In his two-decade baseball career, A-Rod won it all. . However, the former Yankee also made a huge mistake in his professional career, and he still regrets it.

Notably, A-Rod faced a two-year ban from MLB when he was found guilty of using PEDs (performance-enhancing drugs) during his playing days. in MLB, A-Rod likely would have created several more records. But his mistake cost him two precious years of his professional career.

A-Rod was a once-in-a-lifetime player. A power hitter from the mound, the former Yankee won many games for his franchises. Although he will go down as a gaming legend, his one mistake made him an in-game villain. Recently, he opened up about what he learned from his mistakes.

Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez on his MLB suspension

While it’s always hard for an athlete as great as Alex Rodriguez to talk about his past mistakes, the former Yankee said he learned a lot from his mistake.

“At the end of the day, I learned a lot from my mistakes and I learned the hard way that you’re the average of five people that you shortlist…” A-Rod said on The Jordan Harbinger Show.


Speaking of which, A-Rod confessed that he got sidetracked during his professional career.

Speaking of the same, A-Rod confessed that he got sidetracked during his professional career.

“Just to be clear, PED doesn’t have to be a steroid. There’s a bigger category of things… It’s quite a science lesson. I think somewhere along the way I lost my way,” A-Rod added. “One of the things I’ve found is that if you can’t get out of bed and play, then stay in bed. There is no need to push. »

Despite all that has been said and discussed, Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez will go down as one of the greatest players to ever play. what are your opinions on this? Do you agree?



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