Frankfurt Galaxy before football duel against Panthers Wroclaw

Julia Reininger hardly had a quiet minute this week. The team manager of the American football team Frankfurt Galaxy was on the phone and on the phone and wrote e-mails and messages – all while the players and coaches were really resting.

After seven strenuous weeks with seven games and numerous training sessions, it was the so-called bye week for Galaxy, a game-free week that head coach Thomas Kösling was “really looking forward to” because it offered the opportunity that is usually abused in this sport Resting muscles and bones and “not thinking about football at all for a while.”

Frankfurt Galaxy needs wins

After a mixed start to the season in the European League of Football (ELF), Kösling identified a mental block in his team, which he saw as the cause of the often fluctuating performance and, above all, results. His hope: Eight days without training will cure this blockage, which he believes has been caused by the great pressure to perform, increased public attention and internal expectations; At the beginning of the season, those responsible for the Galaxy had given the title defense as the primary goal of the season.

With a record of four wins and three defeats, the team now faces the challenge of not being allowed to lose another game if they still want to qualify for the play-offs in the end. Whether Kösling’s plan has worked out will be seen this Sunday (3 p.m.) when he and his team are back on the pitch.

Organizational talent: Julia Reininger

Organizational talent: Julia Reininger

Image: Nathalie Ulbricht

This is exactly where Julia Reininger comes into play: The eighth game in the European league is taking place at the Panthers Wrocław in Poland. The planning for the trip away has been going on for weeks, together with managing director Christopher Knower, who is also heavily involved in the organisation, Julia Reininger had to clear quite a few hurdles: “It starts with the hotel: such a large group Recording for a weekend is a real challenge for many companies.”


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