Fourth Kids Olympiad of TSV Wettmar with a new participant record


The Kids Olympiad of TSV Wettmar had its fourth edition last weekend. In bright sunshine, children from the age of 3 to 13 could try out different sports.

115 participants gave the organizer a new record. Many smaller children also tried their hand at individual stations or had fun at a bouncy castle. “We counted 140 children on the pitch. There were probably even a few more,” estimates youth manager Markus Geng.

The children and young people completed the course set up by the club’s departments at 14 stations. A bit unusual, but with a high fun factor, was the child-versus-child fight in the judokas’ sumo ring. The participants could try their tennis skills on three courts. The riding and driving sport department has received a lot of encouragement for its hobby-horsing obstacle course. The gymnastics department also offered an obstacle course and a classic sack race.

There was also no boredom with table tennis slalom, horseshoe throwing and judo rolling exercises. As always, the highlight was the penalty shoot-out against the mascot of the soccer department. While smaller participants had an easy time, older children usually had to compete against the man in the dog costume several times. The main sponsor EDEKA Wettmar once again provided refreshments, supplying apple juice and lots of fresh fruit for the children.

Thanks to many cake donations, a buffet could be offered again, especially for the numerous parents. Finally, each participating child could choose a prize as well as a bag of sweets.

“We would like to thank all the helpers, sponsors and parents who, together with the children, ensured a great event.” adds the 1st chairman of TSV Wettmar, Jörg Bohlen. Next year the 5th Kids Olympiad will take place as part of the 111th anniversary celebrations and will then be a little bigger.


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