FC St. Pauli: Determined by the coach – David is now called Otto – 2nd Bundesliga

Back to the Future! If David Otto (23) has his way, the new signing at FC St. Pauli would like to contribute his qualities according to this motto.

The striker would also be a really good reinforcement for coach Timo Schultz (44). Because in the U19 Bundesliga alone, the former youth international scored 39 goals for Hoffenheim in 51 appearances.

After that, as a loan player at two stations, things did not go as desired. In Heidenheim he only managed one goal in 34 games. It only went a little better in Regensburg. In 41 appearances he scored four times, once against St. Pauli.

Another loan was out of the question. “I wanted a new home, I can already see what it’s doing to me,” reveals the native of Pforzheim. “I am sure that this can also be another factor that has a positive influence on performance.”

He also feels that he is in good hands when it comes to sport: “I like this game with the ball, you want to be dominant. The style of play suits me, I know it from the whole time in my youth. The very clear goal is to get back into these many degrees.” He also worked hard on himself physically for this.

So that he feels really at home in Hamburg, longtime girlfriend Annabell and her Labrador are also moving to Hamburg, they already have an apartment.

And then there’s the matter of reputation on the team. There are now two Davids. Central defender Nemeth (21) has the same name. Otto: “Just for fun, the trainer said his grandfather’s name was Otto. Then I’m Otto now. My last name is a first name. Is no problem.”



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