“Developing Sports to Enhance People’s Physical Fitness” National Fitness Theme Activity and Badminton League Successfully

Peninsula All Media reporter Pan Lichao

On the morning of July 10, sponsored by Qingdao Sports Bureau and Qingdao Sports Federation, and undertaken by Qingdao Sports Development Center and Qingdao Creation Miracle Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd., the national fitness theme activity of “Developing Sports to Enhance People’s Physical Fitness” and badminton After a month of intense competition, the league came to a successful conclusion at the Huangjue Badminton Hall in Licang District. Liu Xinyu, director of the National Fitness Activities Department of the Municipal Sports Development Center, Ma Yue, general manager of Qingdao Chuangwei Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and Xu Baibai, general manager of Qingdao Huangmao Sports Management Co., Ltd. attended the closing ceremony and presented awards to the winning athletes.

This league covers 4 sub-stations and finals in the Shinan Division, Shibei Division, Licang Division, and Laoshan Division. There are 32 teams and more than 200 badminton enthusiasts participated in the competition. After 42 games and 200 rounds of fierce competition, in the end, the Shinan District Shengshi Meiheng Team won the team championship, the Licang District Yuyuan Little Lovely Team 2 won the team runner-up, the Qingyu Star Team won the third runner-up, and the Laoshan District Smile Team won the fourth place. name.

As an important part of the national fitness series activities of “developing sports to enhance people’s physique”, the city’s first national fitness badminton league is based on Qingdao’s strong badminton masses. In accordance with the principles of small, decentralized, flexible and exciting competitions, we will build a platform for competitive exchanges for the majority of badminton enthusiasts, highlight the theme of “making sports a habit, and let sports come into life”, so as to make the masses feel that “the national competition is constantly on the line, National fitness is by your side”, helping set off a new upsurge in national fitness.



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