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Badminton has established itself to date as the Peruvian sport with the best profitability, achieving 10 medals in total (five gold, two silver and three bronze), and being key to recovering the third place in the medal table that Chile had until a couple of days ago (badminton has given five of the 16 gold medals to the ‘Team’). And it is that from the first day of competition, the sport of the racket and the pen gave us the best sensations.

Peruvian sports with the most medals so far in Valledupar

deporteGold medalSilver medalBronze medalTotal

On June 26, the joys began on the part of the national badminton. The group (Daniel La Torre, Inés Castillo, José Guevara, Diego Mini, Paula La Torre, Fernanda Saponara, Diego Subauste and Namie Miyahira) won their first gold in the team category after beating Colombia 3-0. After that, came the bronze medals in the men’s individual category.

Two days later, José Guevara and Daniel La Torre reached the semifinals of the individual modality and kept the bronze. That same day, in the next turn, Namie Miyahira took third place in the women’s singles category after losing to compatriot Inés Castillo, who was going for gold.

The badminton medal table in the Bolivarianos. (Capture)

Already on June 29, the last day of badminton competitions, the rest of the medals arrived. Inés Castillo defeated Colombian María Pérez (2-0) in the final and won the gold medal in women’s singles. In men’s doubles, the final was Peruvian between the duo Diego Mini and José Guevara against Daniel La Torre and Diego Subauste; the first ones rose with the first place; but the seconds kept the silver, increasing the general account of the sport of racket and feather.

The same trend occurred in women’s doubles: Inés Castillo and Paula La Torre defeated Namie Miyahira and Fernanda Saponara (2-1) for Peru to add another gold and silver to the general medal table. The last badminton medal came in mixed doubles through Diego Guevara and Inés Castillo herself, who beat Guatemalans Javier Alas and Fátima Centeno (2-1) in the final.

Peruvian badminton team

membersMedals they achieved in ValleduparAge
daniel the towerOne gold, one silver, one bronze24 years
Jose GuevaraTwo gold medals, one bronze24 years
diego minitwo gold medals23 years
Paula the Towertwo gold medals23 years
Diego SubausteOne gold, one silver22 years
Ines Castillofour gold medals22 years
Fernanda SaponaraOne gold, one silver22 years
Namie MiyahiraOne gold, one silver, one bronze17 years
The Peruvian badminton team that represented us in the Bolivarian Games.  (Diffusion)
The Peruvian badminton team that represented us in the Bolivarian Games. (Diffusion)

they made history

The ten badminton medals confirm the good moment of this sport in our region, especially in the Bolivarian Games, where they showed all their power. The perfect example is the performance of Inés Castillo, who was present in all the finals where she participated (teams, women’s singles, women’s doubles, mixed doubles).

Castillo made history in Bolivarian badminton by winning four golds and breaking the record of Peruvian Daniela Macías, who in Santa Marta 2017 won three gold medals. In this edition of the Games in Valledupar, Inés ranks second as the athlete with the highest number of medals, only surpassed by the Colombian gymnast Andrés Martínez (5).

“I dedicate this victory to all Peruvians, to my family, to my coaches who always help me to improve. I am happy to have won the Bolivarian title in singles for my country again”, said an emotional Inés Castillo after ‘bathing’ in gold.

What’s coming to the team

The Bolivarian Games (which run until July 5) open the Olympic cycle that will culminate with the 2024 Paris Olympic Games and with this the Peruvian team is already beginning to mark its path for the rest of the year. While the Badminton World Federation (BWF) calendar is extensive, there are a few events that the delegation could attend.

In addition to them, between the World Cup and the South American sport, the South American Games are a priority, which this year will be from October 1 to the 15 of that month in Paraguay. Everything indicates that the entire team will also go to the ODESUR event to try to replicate the same as in the Bolivarianos.

Already at the individual level, each one must look for international competitions to add points for Paris, and thus repeat Peruvian presence in the Olympic Games. In Tokyo 2020, Daniela Macías was the only representative of Peruvian badminton, who had returned to the top event since 2012.

2022 Badminton World ChampionshipsAugust 21Japan
South American GamesOctober 1stParaguay
Peru International Series 2022October 19Peru
Iberoamerican Badminton ChampionshipNovember 26Mexico
South American Badminton ChampionshipDecember 9to be confirmed
National Badminton ChampionshipDecembre 19thPeru

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