Beppe Marotta announces that Paulo Dybala will not come!

Turnaround on the transfer market. Free of any contract after spending seven years at Juventus, Paulo Dybala (28) seemed promised to Inter, despite the interest of several other big teams (MU, AC Milan). But that was before the shocking statement from Nerazzurri sports director Beppe Marotta. Asked at a press conference, the latter indicated that the Argentinian will not come.

What’s next after this ad

“I just want to come back to a widely debated topic like the Dybala case. He is part of this series of free players, and this is the first time that so many very high level free players are still without a team. It’s proof that football is changing, it’s a football that seeks to reduce costs. Dybala represented an opportunity, but we must not forget that we are supplied in the offensive sector: we have a certain number of heavy players, which the manager will have to manage as well as possible. But we respect the player”.


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