Baseball / At the Bartolucci diamond the rossoblù face Rimini

Occasion today for Cuprabaseball to be able to hook the playoff train con Fiorentina e Power Picena respectively engaged with Marshes e Foggia

Cupra Montana, 2 July 2022 – Today i Red Blue they will face Rimini on diamante Bartolucci of via Fonte Ripa.

Gara 1 will start at 15a to follow il according to match.

And home commitment full of pitfallsWhy despite the pirates are last in the standings they come from two victories against Fiorentina.

Armenteros even on this day will have to cope ad some absences, ma the occasion is too important as the Fiorentina third e Power Picena fourth they will play with respectively Marshes e Foggiathat is the first of the class, a double win would allow Cuprabaseball to hook the playoff train.

In week took place the first game of the minibaseball team that yes is compared with the Macerata. I young red and blue athletes yes. I am behave very well demonstrating already one good technique basic and great enthusiasm.

It deals with of children aged 9 and over the greatest up to 6 years of the little ones. Despite the opponents they were more large they have played without fear and scoring important plays, all of this bodes well that they can be the champions of tomorrow.

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