Bang Rajan Events launches the first digital Muay Thai course for Spain and Latin America


Updated at 10:28 a.m.

There is no doubt that the pandemic changed the uses and customs when it comes to consuming different content and sports. It also changed, in a certain way, the way in which we were educated. Bang Rajan Events, headed by Carlos Sánchez, is well aware of this and has promoted a new way to learn muay thaian ancient martial art whose cradle is in Thailand, focusing directly on the digital, on the screen, something unusual in these disciplines.

«This course is aimed at anyone who is interested in starting in muay thai or complementing and reinforcing their knowledge, it is not intended under any circumstances to replace training in a gym under the guidance of a teacher, never. What it is about here is to have a reliable and easy to use reference guide, to implement our knowledge. Not all people who want to learn muay thai have a school at hand where they can train, we have to think that we are not only targeting the capital of Spain or practitioners from large cities, we will target the entire Spanish-speaking market, imagine if sometimes we do not we found a school nearby (Madrid) which can happen in other places”, says Sánchez.

Thus, supported by companies such as Leone, Bang Rajan Events has launched its training courses for both Spain and Latin America, seeking to position itself as a benchmark in these events. «This project would have been unfeasible at the cost that we present to you without the participation of the sponsors who believed in this even in our status as a minority sport, the serious and continuous quality work endorsed us and companies such as «Vi Cool» and «Kwantida Thai Massage », which were by our side from the beginning, was joined by a giant, the prestigious brand «Leone» whose commercial director -Carlos Fernández- not only believed and advocated for this approval before the parent company in Italy but also gave us an incredible closeness, I feel that they forgive my lack of experience many times, making me feel that they believe in my work and are by my side. Many people did their bit to leave this to you, with large amounts of personal sacrifice, impossible not to name Carlos García de la Parra Ruiz, our ‘filmmaker’, author of the recording and editing, adapting to the few means available to us by putting the shoulder to the bottom or Laurene Fernandez, who spent 48 hours working non-stop by my side”, says the project director.

The course that will be available to purchase from Friday, July 22 on the Bang Rajan Events website, It will be really affordable for everyone, says Sánchez, and this thanks to something that he considers essential for the development of Muay Thai in Spain, the collaboration and participation of private companies.

“I think the key will be in the format. We opted for one similar to that of a content video library, that is, it is not a single linear video where you hit the play button and watch long as if you could learn muay thai by watching a screen for 5 hours, but it is divided into chapters to streamline the review from any device, tablet, a thematic way of working that also allows us to gradually implement it in content according to the needs that we detect, enriching the material over time and with the different visits that may pass through Spain in addition to the content feedback that send us the users of the same through social networks for example, we are close with our people and public”, concludes Sánchez.



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