Badminton Huesca, Binéfar and VV Osca climb to the podiums

On Saturday, a Top TTR tournament was held in Alfajarín, a valid event for the national ranking and also with a high level. More than seventy players, Aragonese and from nearby regions, gathered.

In the absolute competition, three of the “four musketeers” of Badminton Huesca, despite the fact that one of them, Alejandro Gállego, is Sub 17 and the other two, Gonzalo Isabal and Raúl Bergua, still Sub 15, showed that today they are to another level and dominated the individual table. All three won all their previous league games and went directly to the semifinals. Isábal beat Gállego in three close sets in one of the semifinals, while Raúl Bergua was exempt from playing the other. And in the final, Isábal took the victory by beating Bergua. In the women’s individual draw, both Aitana Díez and Paula Castro did not make it past the leagues.

Isabel Domec, Nerea and Eduardo Marco, from Badminton Binéfar.
S. E.

As for the doubles, in the men’s the Abián brothers from Bilbilita played, who took the victory. But they had to sweat so much in their previous league, in which they faced Alejandro Gállego from Huesca together with José Manuel Plaza, and in the final, in which they beat Bergua and Isábal. In the women’s category, victory for the VV Osca player Sara Bibián, who played alongside María Aznar from Zaragoza, and third place for Aitana Díez along with Paula Castro.

Already in the smallest category, the Sub 13, Jorge Royo won the men’s singles draw by beating his clubmate Hugo Gállego in the final, and before that, in the semifinals, Royo beat Pablo Ara, also from Badminton Huesca, and Gállego to the local Al Saifi. Among the girls, a good second place for Nerea Marco from Binefar. Regarding the doubles, Hugo Gállego together with Jorge Royo took the victory and the other two club couples, Daniel Coronas with Guillermo Fernández and Pablo Ara with Daniel Paul, were fourth and fifth respectively. In the mixed doubles, Nerea Marco completed a great tournament by winning alongside Juan García, from Daroca.

Alto Aragonese podium of mixed doubles in Senior C1 category.
Alto Aragonese podium of mixed doubles in Senior C1 category.
S. E.

In the Under 17 category, the four players from Huesca, Sergio Laviña, Adrián Escuer and Saúl Fillat, from Badminton Huesca, and Pablo Arbués, from VV Osca, did not make it to the qualifying rounds. The women’s draw was won by Emma Bibián, Arbués’s partner, and third was Andrea Mingarro, from Badminton Huesca.

In doubles came two other podiums. Saúl Fillat and Sergio Laviña were second in the men’s and Emma Bibián together with Ana Ruiz won the women’s.

The veterans competition was also very lively. In the men’s singles A1, Eduardo Marco, from Binéfar, won, and second was José Manuel Plaza, from Badminton Huesca. In women’s doubles, direct Alto Aragonese final in which Isabel Domec from Binefar and Beatriz Martín from Madrid beat Merche Audina, from Huesca, and Elsa Tello, from Osca. And in the mixed victory from Binefarense with Edu Marco together with Isabel Domec. In the A2 category, Juanjo Fondevila from Huesca was third along with Juanjo Pérez from Madrid in the men’s doubles.

In category C1 the VV Osca players Carlos Bibián and Miguel Ángel Giménez they were fourth and fifth singles and in the mixed doubles they won Merche Audina with Juanjo Fondevila and Carlos Bibián was second with Elsa Tello.

Gállego and Yagües, international event

On the other hand, the Spanish Badminton Federation has announced the Spanish team for the Under 17 International in Ibiza, which will be held from September 16 to 18. And on the list there are two players from Badminton Huesca, Alejandro Gállego and Alejandro Yagües.


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