Athlete from Chiapas performs boating to be able to go to the Judo World Cup – El Heraldo de Chiapas

The current national champion and gold medal winner in the CONADE national games 2022 (JCN 2022) Maria Fernanda Cruz Bolon officially acquired its pass to the Sarajevo coffee world contest that will take place this year in Bosnia, unfortunately, the competitor of the chiapas association of judokas He does not have the necessary resources to travel, so he is managing in multiple ways to obtain the amount of 75,000 pesos, which is what he needs to travel and stay on the days of the competition in said country that will hold the World Cup, as he commented in interview.

Currently María Fernanda has gone out every day to ask for the support of citizens through “boteo” because she needs to collect the aforementioned amount to be able to attend the World Cup, in an interview with The Herald of Chiapas He announced that for now he has only collected the amount of five thousand pesos and that he still does not have the support of the Chiapas sports authorities or private companies, however he has already submitted a request to seek some type of support or sponsorship.

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“We have sought support from the authorities and also from private companies, we have already filed the papers, however, I still do not have an official response from them, that is why I continue with the protests asking the citizens to please support me to fulfill this dream I have since I started the sport of judo

About his current situation with the sports secretariat who presides Tania Roblesthe young judoka affirmed that she has not yet had any approach because the leader is in the national games and has not returned to the Chiapas entity, however, on the part of the secretariat they mentioned that they can support her with national flights, this being what cheaper than the long trip to another country.

“I have not had an approach with Tania because she is not here, only with René who is the second in command, he told me that they can support me with domestic flights and that they are looking for someone else who can support me, for which I will be eternally grateful. it is my dream to attend such a competition” he commented.

About the term to be able to confirm and pay the first expenses the Chiapas competitor He commented that it is only 5 days away because the maximum date is until July 19, for which he will continue looking for a way to collect all the necessary money because he has faith in the citizens of Tuxtla Gutierrez.

“I have until the 19th as the deadline to guarantee my place, in case I cannot go, I would have to pay anyway because my participation has already been confirmed, so I continue with the faith intact that I will have all the money and that I will arrive a compete in the world” he commented.

The strongest expenses are domestic flights, since an approximate cost of flight from cancun to bosnia It is between 34-35 thousand Mexican pesos (in standard class) in addition to 42 thousand pesos that the federation requires to have as a requirement for expenses and lodging to prevent the athlete from having some time at risk in the event, a measure that they have taken for more than five years with all the competitors.

These days the Chiapas multi-champion will continue with the boats in the marimba park and in the bicentennial park while friends and family will continue to make requests to companies to seek to obtain the missing money in record time, since the deadline is about to end.



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