Amaya: “We shouldn’t only care about the sporting result”

The base of the U17 National Team that is playing the World Cup in Hungary reflected on the role that Argentina plays in the tournament and the lessons that the team is absorbing.

Argentina continues to have a rich experience in the U17 World Cup that takes place in Hungary. Although the team yesterday fell to the local team in the Round of 16 instances and from tomorrow they will play the Reclassification, the National Team led by Lali González is competing at the highest level and within a prestigious tournament to which only sixteen teams qualified. This Friday, at 12 noon in our country, the first rival for the fight between positions 9 to 16, will be New Zealand.

Taking advantage of the free day that the tournament has this Thursday, Juana Amaya spoke with CAB Press about the path that the Albiceleste is traveling in the city of Debrecen. Between conclusions and a small analysis, the base highlighted the highlights of these first meetings. “It is very good to be able to measure ourselves against these teams and know what we are good at and what we are not so good at. Tactically we must continue aiming to have a more fluid game and intelligent decisions. I emphasize that the team always presents itself the same, regardless of who is ahead, we always go out to play with the desire to win that characterizes us, but that at this point is often not enough when the rival is collectively better “he explained.

This participation of Argentina within the highest level of women’s basketball is something not only to highlight but also to value. Amaya understands this, since this litter has had to go a long way overcoming various obstacles tournament by tournament. And that gives you a plus.

“Being among the 16 best teams in the world is a dream for each of the athletes who are here. When I think about how many girls in the world dream of this place, I can’t stop getting excited and it helps to increase even more the responsibility we have by putting on the most beautiful shirt of all “he reflected.

For Juana, having the chance to be living a World Cup today at a young age (she will turn 17 on September 8) has a very important meaning. She comes from a family in which she breathes basketball from a very young age, and being able to see herself today competing in such a prestigious contest fills her with happiness remembering all the work that exists in the background. “Personally, I am living what I always wanted, I used to see Flor Chagas’s litter play and the only thing I thought about was being one of them. I enjoy the tournament and each game and then when I finish I have made the most of this experience to come back and improve. It makes me value having been able to play as locals, it was also a beautiful experience, I really appreciate the effort that this represents for a country like ours in which resources are not many”.

Amaya highlights the mental factor as one of the keys for Argentina to have been able to build all this way, both in qualifying and now in the World Cup. And that concentration, based on the demand and intensity, has allowed the team to be competitive for many moments, in an enriching stage where the experience and learning that is absorbed are key to continue with the ascending development curve of all this litter.

“In a World Cup there are no easy rivals, that means that we all have to always push ourselves and that is where we improve. All of us face equal or even better players than us, and that helps us see another reality. Each one should take this as an opportunity to continue growing. In addition, both in qualifying and in this World Cup, the head is worked a lot, resisting against the adverse situations that appear on the field against such good rivals “says Joan.

This Friday Argentina will begin the Reclassification against New Zealand, seeking to close the best possible final placement between now and Sunday. Asked about tomorrow’s game and the rest of the tournament, the Harrods player not only referred to a game performance that has to find them concentrated and firm in defense, but also stressed that, beyond the sporting result, this The team is nourished by a unique experience that will serve for the future development of each one. Without a doubt, that is the north for the growth of women’s basketball and this stage of training that these young women go through.

“Tomorrow we are going to start the same way we did with the rest of the games, we already studied the rival and each one is ready knowing what they have to do. Arriving playing and being focused on defense will lead us to the result we want. We will try that our efforts of so many months leave us in the best possible position. All of us, coaching staff and players, have spent many months away from our home, from our affections, from our studies and responsibilities, I am sure that this will be rewarded. Not only the sporting result should matter to us, it would be wrong if we were left with only that. In a World Cup you learn by winning and you also learn by losing”he concluded.


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