Alessandra Cirelli today visiting the Montefiasconese softball

NewTuscia – MONTEFIASCONE – Coinciding with the participation of Flavia Carletti in the European Under 22 Championship in the Czech Republic, of which we write below, today at 4.30 pm Alessandra Cirelli will visit the baseball stadium, an institution in Italian softball.

A Lazio player since the 90s, he has been a receiver of the national softball team for many years, collecting 105 appearancesuntil she became manager of the junior national team in 2014. In 2011 she was called into the Italian baseball and softball Hall of fame, which gathers the characters who have given most to these sports.

Montefiascone Baseball Softball, which is attracting the attention of several girls with Provabaseball, thus wants to demonstrate the strong commitment to reconstitute a softball team in Montefiascone.

It will be a short visit that will be repeated and will be able to offer a lot to the girls who participate.

All the girls who are trying, even the new ones, are invited to the camp today, from 4.30pm to 6pm.

In the meantime, excellent news comes from the European from the Czech Republic, in particular from Flavia Carletti. Yesterday the national team won with both Ireland (10 to 0) and the Netherlands, in the first match of the final round (4 to 0). In this match Flavia beat one of the 6 valid Italians, as well as a very long serve one meter from the home run, unfortunately caught on the fly. She confirms herself as the best “base thief” in the national team, with 4 stolen bases and her batting average remains one of the best; 417.

For Italy there are 8 consecutive victories, which place it in first place in the final round, followed in order by the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Spain, France, and Germany. Today the national team will meet France at 11.15 and Spain at 17, before entering on Saturday to one of the finals for the medals, which we hope will be the gold one, against the second in the group.



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