Alemany assures that “Gavi is going to continue at Bara 100%” and Laporta rejects the sale of De Jong


The manager reveals that they must wait until the player is of legal age to be able to sign a contract for more than four years

Kessie, new signing, along with Laporta and Alemany.PAU BARRENAAFP

Even though that him transfer market is in full swing, and that it was impossible for such a circumstance to go unnoticed at the official coming-out of Franck Kessi as a new player Only, explicit references to players who are not and have not been part of the Barcelona squad were conspicuous by their absence. Prudence obliges, as the Barça president himself did not hesitate to point out, Joan Laporta. The clearest message, meanwhile, had as its protagonist a young value, Gavipending to finalize a ampliacin of his commitment to the club that, practically, already has a date: the next August 5.

That day, reach the coming of age. And, therefore, from then on, the conditions of his new contract with Bara may be those desired by both the club and the player himself. There is a framework in agreement with the player’s agent, taking into account that until he is 18 he cannot sign for more than four years. For everyone’s peace of mind, the commitment to reach an agreement by the time he turns 18 is firm and Gavi will continue at Barcelona 100%emphasizes Mateu Alemany, the football director of the azulgrana club, who assured that the incorporations already closed, such as Kessi himself, Andreas Christensen and the renewed Sergi Roberto will not have problems playing in the preseason, even if their registration in the League is still pending due to financial fair play. For everything to go smoothly, closing the second lever, the sale of the remaining 15% of up to 25% of the club’s television rights for 25 years, as approved at the assembly, is vital.

“We still can’t sign”

We have to activate the second leverIt won’t be easy, we’ve been working on it since Monday. Once this is achieved, the one-to-one rule will be applied in fair play and we will make the additions that the coach has told us he needs. We are working to satisfy your requests, but I cannot say how many players will arrive, because we will send a message that is not convenient for us. What is certain is that there are a series of operations that, when the time comes, we hope to be able to execute themrelates a Joan Laporta permanently elusive when it comes to giving names. Right now, we still can’t sign. What we do is we talk to players that we are interested in so that they wait for us until we can do it. Dembl, for example, is no longer a Bara player, but he has an offer on the table because there is sports interest. His agent doesn’t consider her appropriate, but they haven’t ignored him either and we’re going to keep talking until he interests us, he assured.

If you don’t accept the proposal, it can’t be. If he accepted it, we’d keep it. Players’ salaries have to be dimensioned to the structure we have created, and that goes for everyone. We think that this balance is necessary for the team to be competitive and there are no imbalances, insisted a Laporta who, without naming them, thanked the players whose names have been closely linked to the club for their patience, such as Lewandowski is Raphinha. hurry, there is none, beyond the fact that we are aware that we cannot delay too much, because otherwise we may not be in time to sign the players we have promised. At the moment, the predisposition is good, they want to come to Bara and wait, but let no one think that we will overdo it. We will act with prudence and criteria of economic responsibility, stressed the Barça president.

Dinner with Mendes

Laporta, on the other hand, admitted that they dined last Monday with jorge mendesbut I avoided putting on the table a name as greedy as that of Cristiano Ronaldo. I had a dinner with Jorge Mendes, it’s true, because of a market issue, but I will not specify if I offered myself to one or another player. He’s always interesting to talk to, he’s a great agent, she just pointed out. As to Frenkie de Jongwhile, he returned to ensure that the Dutch, right now, it’s not on the market. Perhaps as a way to avoid underselling it. Frenkie de Jong is a Bara player, if we need to, we will sell him, but he is not for sale. We know that he has offers, and if at any time we were interested, we would study them, but at this time we are not selling the player, he asserted.

We are going to compete for all the competitions we participate in, for sure, and we will have a more competitive team than the one we have now. We have some incorporations that we will do as soon as we can do it, when we can register them. The message to Barcelona fans is that they believe in what we are doing, and, if they believe, we will achieve it, insisted a Laporta who wanted to send a message of encouragement to Alexia Putellas, who now faces a very long absence due to a serious knee injury. in the bara we are sad, because the best player in the world has been injured. Now the important thing is that she focuses on her recovery, that the whole club helps her, and nothing else. We can look for reasons, but it is fatal, things that happen in football. We encourage her and we will help her in everything she needs. We are all very dismayed, because we did not expect it, the truth is, I sentenced.

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