After posting it, an influencer still accuses LeBron badly!

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Like any athlete of his notoriety, LeBron James often finds himself in murderous intimate rumors for his relationship. This was again the case recently, since an Instagram model has just released a big scoop about him for the second time!

Together for 20 years, they form one of the most famous and admired couples in the world of US sport. Savannah and LeBron James haven’t separated since high school, and obviously don’t intend to do so anytime soon. This, even if some more or less well-meaning people try to break their idyll by launching inflammatory rumors about the alleged infidelity of the King.

Private messages between LeBron and an influencer?

For the past few hours, an Instagram model has tried to post LBJ on the networks. The leader of the Lakers would have scrutinized the stories of the young woman on the platform, as evidenced by an image attached by the latter. Speculations which have not necessarily received a good reception from Internet userswho made comments like this:

Damn girl, what if LeBron had just watched your story because he wanted to buy some clothes from your collection for his wife… You act like he showed up in your DMs to take you with him on vacation 😂

It is true that the so-called Ghazal Tavoosi has a clothing line, bearing the name of Koli, and intended for women. LeBron could therefore have innocently learned about the different products to offer one of them to his wife. A slightly far-fetched version, which apparently amused the influencer. The latter therefore relayed it on her story… by incriminating the Chosen One a little more!

PS: Of all the comments, this one is the best. Lol. (When you want my cabbage for the holidays)
You all go crazy for a story… Imagine if I had shown you the DMs. ✌🏼

According to the model, Bron would therefore have sent her private messages, which she would nevertheless have decided not to expose. Everyone will have their own opinion on the matter, even if most fans would still and always accuse him of lying simply to create buzz!

In addition to observing his Instagram stories, LeBron James would therefore have been guilty of writing in private to the influencer Ghazal Tavoosi. A rumor which, if true, should not please Savannah!


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