World Cup: the Red Devils have a 7.9% chance of winning, France the favorite

It’s now becoming traditional: before every big event, stats companies rev up their supercomputers to pick out the favorites to win the final title. The World Cup is no exception. This time it was The Analyst platform that delivered the fruit of its processors’ work.

A series of factors are encoded to establish this figure: the quality of the team, the recent results of the teams, the difficulty of the groups and the possible draws of each team to go all the way. A necessarily random journey that is worth what it is worth.

Without real surprise, it is France which has the greatest number of chances to win. The Blues, defending champions, show a percentage of 17.93%. They are followed by the inexorable Brazil (15.73%), almost always announced as the favorite but which has not won since 2002. Spain completes the podium (11.53%). Belgium comes 5th in the ranking of favorites (7.9%), just behind England (8.03%). The Devils also learned on Thursday that they were still 2nd in the FIFA rankings, despite an average month of June (two wins for one defeat and one split). Brazil is still at the top of this ranking.

In the group of Belgians at the World Cup, Croatia, defending finalists, obtain a percentage of 2.31%. Canada and Morocco have a 0.01% chance of winning. It’s still better than Cameroon, Saudi Arabia and Costa Rica, who bring up the rear of the teams present, with 0% chance of lifting the golden globe.

While a series of factors were taken into account, the site does not take into account the curse of the title holder. Indeed, since 2010, no World champion has passed the group stage of the World Cup following his coronation…

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