Won the runner-up in the soft baseball of all high schools in Taiwan, and Changhua High School was commended by Changxian County Government |

[The Epoch Times, June 20, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Xie Wunan reported in Changhua, Taiwan) National Changhua High School recently participated in the soft team of the 110 (2021) school year high school baseball sports league. The best performance in soft baseball in Changhua County over the years.

On the morning of the 20th, Changhua County Mayor Wang Huimei went to Conference Room 3 of Zhongxing Building of Changhua High School to praise the coaches and players, and presented them with gold medals and certificates of commendation. Changzhong Principal Wang Yanhuang, head coach Zhang Jiahao, student baseball captain Xu Chengan, and the parent-teacher association attended the meeting. The county magistrate Wang awarded a gold medal and a certificate of commendation, and presented bats, ball caps, thermos cups and tableware group prizes signed by well-known players.

In her speech, Wang Huimei said that with the dedication of the principal and the hard work of the coaches and players, the snail spirit of Changzhong will be brought into play to win glory for Changhua. At the same time, starting from July 1, chain beverage stores, chain convenience stores, and chain stores will enjoy discounts on self-bred beverage cups, and take practical actions to respond to environmental protection and love the earth. I hope that the future will be better and better, and we will make great achievements and win glory for Changhua County.

Wang Huimei pointed out that in the past four years, Changhua High School Principal Wang Yanhuang had let Zhang Middle School students Yunwen Yunwu carry forward the spirit of snails. However, with the support and dedication of the principal, coaches and alumni, he went through all the difficulties and won the runner-up in Taiwan.

Wang Huimei said that in the past, in elementary school and middle school, baseball players were trained all the way, but in high school, these outstanding players were all poached to other counties and cities. Therefore, she is currently discussing with the Education Office to keep the cultivation of sports and music talents. In Changhua, let the people in Changhua stay in Changhua and work hard. The students who enter Changhua are of the best quality. As long as they set goals, they can achieve the best results. Glowing hot.

Changhua High School Principal Wang Yanhuang said that Changhua High School won the soft team of the high school baseball league in the 110th school year and won the runner-up. The students of Changhua High School showed their indomitable spirit. Although they were not students in the special sports class, they showed high fighting spirit on the field through regular training. Many competitions have been able to reverse the victory, which means that the students’ psychological quality and will to win are quite strong. Thank you for the concern of the county government and all walks of life. I believe that the students will also feel the support and encouragement from all walks of life, and they will get better and better. ◇

Responsible editor: Huang Shan



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