With one less, Gymnastics got a good draw in Mataderos

After the good victory over Almagro in the Vctor Legrotaglie, which meant the fifth consecutive victory playing at home, Gymnastics and Fencing of Mendoza rescued a good 1-1 draw against Nueva Chicago in Mataderos, in a match in which he was left with one less player and started losing, but he reacted in time to continue adding and remain firm in the Reduced classification zone for the second promotion to the Professional League.

The match, corresponding to date 19 of the tournament of the First Nationalwas played at the República de Mataderos stadium, with arbitration by Pablo Gimnez, who 15 minutes into the second half expelled Franco Meritello at the Blanquinegro by showing him the second yellow card.

The Lobo mendocinowho removed from the team at the last moment Ulises Orthis Due to the offer that came from Talleres de Córdoba, he is fourth in the standings, with 30 points, firm in the qualifying zone for the playoffs where the second promotion will be defined. Nueva Chicagomeanwhile, is still outside the classification zone with 24 points.

Gymnastics continues to add and strengthens.

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During the first minutes of the game, neither of the two teams managed to take possession of the ball and therefore, with many inaccuracies on both sides, until the first half hour of the match there were no clear scoring chances in either goal.

The rest of the first part continued in the same way and so the Lobo and the little bull de Mataderos went into the break equalizing goalless.

For the second half the match continued just as even, and after 15 minutes there was terrible news for Gimnasia, since Franco Meritello He saw the second yellow card and was sent off, leaving the team with 10 players to play the last half hour of the game.

And from that lack, to make matters worse, came the goal of Nueva Chicago. Leonel lvarez executed the free kick from the left, straight to the goal when everyone expected a cross, and goalkeeper Sebastin Giovini, covered by several own and rival players, could not react in time to avoid the 1-0 in favor of the local at 18 minutes .

At 29, Gymnastics responded with a very good chance. Garrido executed a long free kick that found Mondino in the air, who lowered the ball to the heart of the area finding Cortez, who hit a powerful shot that narrowly deflected after grazing an opponent and the ball went to the corner.

From that corner kick came the tie. The ball was dead in the area and he found it Diego Mondinowho hit a left-footed shot by which the ball slowly traveled the area and entered the goal with suspense after hitting the post for 1 to 1 at 30 minutes.

Despite playing with 10, Gimnasia was encouraged to go looking for him and at 36 minutes he had a very clear chance. After a good play by Lucas Arce, the ball was taken Mariano Barbieriwho was hand in hand with the goalkeeper Augusto Bottini and his shot was well stopped. On the rebound, Barbieri was able to finish off the goal with the defeated goalkeeper, but he preferred to send a center back that did not find a recipient.

At 42 minutes there was a controversy, since Paul Charpentier scored New Chicago’s second, but assistant number two raised the flag marking advanced position. However, in the TV replay it could be seen that he was enabled.

In time served, the referee added five minutes, giving him more suspense and emotion at the end, but the score did not change and Lobo added a great point considering that he played the last half hour with one less player.

On the next date, Gym receive at the Victor Legrotaglie the Deportivo Skip in the duel of Mendoza.

Photos: Gymnastics and Fencing Press.


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