Why Bielsa will not be DT of Athletic Bilbao

El Loco had given the OK to Iñaki Arechabaleta but the presidential elections of the Basque team were won by Jon Uriarte, who will choose Ernesto Valverde as coach.

This Friday afternoon the elections were held in the Athletic Club de Bilbaowhere three candidates were fighting for a place to replace Aitor Elizegiand one of them was Iñaki Arechabaletawho already had the confirmation of Marcelo Bielsa that, in case of winning, Loco would become the new technical director of the Basque team. However, at night the results were known and the new head of the institution is Jon Uriarte.

Among the 24 polling stations plus mail-in voters, there were more than 22,000 votes and, with 52% of the votes, Uriarte prevailed in the elections, against 33% of Arechabaleta and just 13% of Ricardo Barkala, and so Bielsa will not be in charge of Athletic after his passage between 2011 and 2013, since the winner’s coach is Ernesto Valverde, who knew how to direct Lionel Messi’s Barcelona.

Also, Jon Uriarte had no words of affection for the Argentine technical director, who accused of being “The typical person who makes big statements that I have seen 1,500 games since 1983 and up to Prebenjamín C; Ernesto is not of that style. I think he is a much more humble and much more genuine person, than he does things and you don’t have to tell them and show them to the gallery”.

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Master class: Bielsa did not reach Athletic Bilbao but he analyzed 90 games and showed it in detail

There were still a few days before the elections in Athletic Bilbaowhen the Loco Bielsa confirmed that he accepted the proposal to lead the team again in case Iñaki Arechabaleta won and exposed in detail an analysis of the squad after watching… 90 games!

In addition to the general analysis of the campus, showed individual player actions. For example, showed 580 from striker Alex Berenguer. Total He watched 45 games for Athletic Bilbao, 38 for Bilbao Athletic (the B team), 4 for Basconia and 3 for the Juvenile A team in the final phase. Secondly, He recounted his work methodology, statistics of his work in Leeds and gave details of his motivational speeches, both in groups and individually.

The passage of Marcelo Bielsa by Athletic Bilbao

Rosario’s coach (07-21-1955) He already managed Athletic for two seasons, 2011-2012 and 2012-2013and in the first one reached the finals of the Europa League and the Copa del Reyin which he lost to the Atletico Madrid and FC Barcelonarespectively.

The passage of Ernesto Valverde by Athletic Bilbao

The coach from Extremadura had a stage in Athletic Bilbao as a player between 1990 and 1996 and of as technical director: in between 2003 y 2005, and from the output of Marcelo Bielsa in 2013 until 2017where he left for Barcelona. In 2015 he raised the Spanish Super Cup title after beating Barcelona in San Mames by 4-0 and tie 1-1 at Camp Nou.

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