Warriors star Draymond Green and Grizzlies youngster Ja Morant treat themselves to Twitter beef

Draymond Green and Ja Morant fought a verbal duel on Twitter after the Golden State Warriors won the title – and Boston also got his fat off. The Grizzlies are now hoping for a “real” duel with the champion on Christmas Day.

The beef between the Warriors and Grizzlies began with Klay Thompson’s statements at the post-Game 6 NBA Finals press conference when he recited a tweet from Memphis big Jaren Jackson Jr. in March, including calling him a “clown.”

Morant responded to this in a tweet over the weekend. The Grizzlies have a lot of “real estate” on the dubs. Meaning: Memphis is on the minds of the Warriors. Green didn’t want to let this sit on him. He also responded via Twitter: “We traded it. Property value is higher in Boston.”

After this exchange of verbal niceties, a fan suggested that the beef be clarified on the floor during the Christmas Games at Christmas. When Morant suggested inviting the Warriors to Memphis, Draymond replied, “The champs are playing at home on Christmas Day!”

“Then I’ll come to you,” Morant announced confidently. “Tell them to book that stuff.” A finals rematch often takes place on Christmas Day, but the NBA may be making an exception this year. The two teams have met in the second round of the past playoffs, with Golden State winning in six games. Morant misses the last three games due to injury. Dillon Brooks then announced that Memphis would soon replace the Warriors as the West powerhouse.



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