Villa renders an investigation and audios come out that compromise him

This Thursday June 30, Sebastián Villa gave an investigation and gave his version of what happened in the middle of the previous year, events for which he was denounced for sexual abuse with carnal access by Rocío Tamara Doldán, his ex-partner, a crime that contemplates an effective prison sentence.

The investigation lasted an hour and a half, approximately.and it was before the prosecutor of the case, Vanesa González, at the headquarters of the Functional Unit of Instruction 3 Specialized in Gender Violence of Esteban Echeverría.

For the first time since the case began with the complaint on May 13 of this year, Villa delivered his version of the events and denied the charges against himstating that he had consensual relations with the complainant, while Doldán’s defense requested a new psychiatric evaluation for the Boca Juniors player.

Weeks ago, Prosecutor González had requested the arrest of Villa; however, Javier Maffucci Moore, Judge of Guarantees 2 of Lomas de Zamora, He rejected the request and demanded a deeper and more detailed investigation of what happened.

Audios that compromise Villa

New evidence was revealed, which was not presented during the soccer player’s investigation, and would complicate Villa’s situation. TyC Sports published the audios that were added to the case in which a conversation is heard between Félix, the player’s assistant, and a friend of the complainant, in which The man acknowledges that there were beatings and an attempt to settle without going to court.

“They tried to find a solution, but she didn’t want to. She is angry, she is understandable. She (Tamara) went to the room under her responsibility, what they have done in there is already their problem. I called her to fix it and she couldn’t, “said Felix to the woman in that talk after what happened.

Between September 19 and 21, Villa will go to trial for another case, that of Daniela Cortés, her ex-partner, who in 2020 accused him of injuries and threats.



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