Valledupar 2022: Squash and shooting sports also give Peru medals at the Bolivarian Games

Squash and sports shooting joined badminton to close this Wednesday with a good harvest of medals at the Valledupar 2022 Bolivarian Games. So far, Peru has won 59 medals: 15 gold, 16 silver and 28 bronze, and ranks third in the overall medal table.

At the close of the day, the men’s squash team made up of Alonso Escudero, Álvaro García, Diego Elías, Rafael Gálvez achieved second place after losing 2-0 to Colombia. Meanwhile, the women’s team made up of Alejandra Zavala, Luciana Castillo and Ximena Rodríguez won the bronze.

Meanwhile, sports shooting added four bronze medals. Marko Carrillo achieved third place in the 10m air pistol. Meanwhile, Valentina Porcella got it in the female trap mode. While, Alessandro de Souza who did it in the Olympic Trench and Annia Becerra in the 10m air pistol.

Inés Castillo shone in badminton

In badminton, Inés Castillo was the athlete who was present in all the finals and surpassed the record of Daniela Macías achieving 4 gold medals in the Bolivarian Games. She climbed to the top of the podium in Women’s Singles, Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles and Mixed Teams.

Castillo defeated Colombian María Yulieth Pérez 2-0 (21-11, 21-19). In that same category Namie Miyahira hung the bronze. The José Guevara-Diego Mini duo celebrated by beating 2-0 (21-16, 21-10) the Peruvian couple made up of Diego Subauste and Daniel La Torre, who won the silver medal in men’s doubles. Likewise, José Guevara and Daniel La Torre, by tying for third place in Men’s Individual, adding a bronze.

In women’s doubles, Inés Castillo and Paula La Torre won 2-1 (16-21, 21-18 and 21-17) in a close match against the Namie Miyahira-Fernanda Saporana duo, achieving another gold and silver medal for the country. One more gold went to José Guevara and Inés Castillo who achieved first place in mixed doubles, beating Javier Alas and Fátima Centeno from El Salvador 2-1 (21-18, 13-21 and 21-13).

“I dedicate this victory to all Peruvians, to my family, to my coaches who always help me to improve. To the IPD and the Peruvian Olympic Committee, thank you very much for your support. I am happy to have won the Bolivarian title again in singles for my country. It got a bit complicated, I knew it was going to be difficult because playing badminton at height is different since the feather flies faster, happily I was able to adapt. Now to prepare for the Odesur Games, our goals are high”, declared Ines Castillo.

Medals of Peru in the Bolivarian Games

Gold medal

  • Lucas Fight (Fencing)
  • Brillith Gamarra (Judo)
  • Juan Shutters (Judo)
  • Alessia Carrillo and Valeria Carrillo (Rowing)
  • Daniel La Torre, Inés Castillo, Diego Mini and José Guevara (Mixed Team Badminton)
  • Ana Méndez (Artistic Gymnastics)
  • Daryl Yamamoto (Judo)
  • Brianda Rivera (Sports Shooting)
  • Ana Méndez (Artistic Gymnastics Uneven Bars)
  • Abigail Urquizo, Alyssa Barnuevo, Ana Lopez, Areli Sinarahua, Bethlehem Towers, Carolina Rodriguez, Daniela Torres, Diana Garnica, Elisa Lopez, Maria Faith Menacho, Miranda Nieto, Rebecca Rodriguez, Stefanny Alvarez. Coach: Jose Ramos. (Water Polo)
  • Edward Gonzales (Artistic Gymnastics)
  • Ines Castillo (Badminton)
  • Inés Castillo-José Guevara (Badminton)
  • Inés Castillo-Paula La Torre (Badminton)
  • Jose Guevara-Diego Mini (Badminton)

Silver medal

  • Maria Luisa Doig (Fencing)
  • Naomi Huayhuameza (Judo)
  • Ingrid Aranda (Karate)
  • Adriana Velasco and Pamela Reyes (Rowing)
  • Edward Gonzales, Daniel Agüero, Adrián León, Mauro Gallegos, Jimmy Figueroa and Luis Pizarro (Men’s Artistic Gymnastics)
  • Valeria Palacios (Women’s Lightweight Rowing 1x1000m)
  • Aldo Guibu and Ricardo Tateishi (Men’s Doubles Bowling)
  • Adrian Guibu, Aldo Guibu, Kenny Kishimoto and Victor Tateishi(Men’s Team Bowling)
  • Ana Méndez, Ana Rengifo, Chris Centeno, Fabiola Díaz (Artistic Gymnastics by Teams)
  • Camila Figueroa (Judo)
  • Cristian Morales (Sports shooting)
  • Brillith Gamarra, Alonso Wong, Xsara Morales, Yuta Galarreta, Camila Figueroa and Daryl Yamamoto (Judo)
  • Diego Elías and Alonso Escudero (Squash – men’s doubles)
  • Namie Miyahira and Fernanda Saponara (Badminton)
  • Daniel La Torre-Diego Subauste (Badminton)
  • Alonso Escudero, Alvaro Garcia, Diego Elias, Rafael Galvez (Squash)

Bronze medal

  • Eduardo Garcia Biel (Fencing)
  • Hiromi Sanchez (Karate -55 kg Kumite)
  • Linda Rodriguez (Karate -61 kg Kumite)
  • Mariano Wong (Karate – Kata)
  • Sol Cabrera (Karate -68 kg Kumite)
  • Marian Flores (Judo)
  • Alonso Wong (Judo -73 kg)
  • Xsara Morales (Judo -70 kg)
  • Yuta Galarreta (Judo -90 kg)
  • Yuliana Bolivar (Judo +78 kg)
  • Edward Gonzales (Artistic Gymnastics)
  • Alfredo Tassano, Diego Contreras, Eduardo Grandez, German Rodríguez, Jefferson Pinedo, Joaquín Cuadros, Julio Alzamora, Lorenzo Rodríguez, Mauricio Bustamante, Nicolás Contreras Castellano, Simón Regalado, Ulises Angulo Huamán and Yamil León (Water polo)
  • Gustavo Salcedo (Rowing)
  • Geronimo Hammann (Remo)
  • Andrés Sandoval and César Cipriani (Men’s Lightweight Rowing 2x1000m)
  • Pamela Noya (W1x Rowing – Ladies)
  • Carla Morales, Pamela Noya, Alessia Palacios, Valeria Palacios (Light Women’s Quadruple Rowing)
  • Adriana Sanguinetti, Pamela Noya, Alessia Palacios (Rowing W4x)
  • Adriana Sanguinetti, Pamela Noya, Alessia Palacios, Valeria Palacios (Rowing four pairs of short oars X4x)
  • Alexia Arena and Cristian Morales (Shooting, Mixed 10m Air Rifle modality)
  • Santiago La Jara, Angel Cerpa, Bruno Seminario, Sebastián Blanco, Martin Gómez and Antonio Morón (men’s volleyball).
  • Marko Carrillo (sports shooting)
  • Daniel La Torre (Badminton)
  • Jose Einer Guevra (Badminton)
  • Chiara Miyahira (Bádminton)
  • Alejandra Zavala, Luciana Castillo and Ximena Rodríguez (Squash)
  • Valentina Porcella (Female trap shot)
  • Alessandro de Souza (Olympic Fosa Shooting)
  • Annia Becerra (10m air pistol shot.)


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