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They concern the Italian Federation of judo fight karate martial arts, today celebrated with a “B” value card created by Silvia Girlanda and Livio Toschi

Today’s stamp for Fijlkam

The Italian Federation of judo fights karate martial arts “in 2022 celebrates four special anniversaries”, notes in the bulletin the artistic director of the Fijlkam Museum, Livio Toschi. These are the one hundred and twenty years that have passed since its foundation, the fortieth of the magazine “Athlon”, the thirtieth of the Olympic Center of Ostia Lido (Rome) now named after former president Matteo Pellicone, the tenth of the Combat Sports Museum (collects, preserves and makes known internal memories and promotes the sector, “firmly supporting the value of art and culture” that characterize it). The long journey of the association was started by Luigi Monticelli Obizzi who, on January 18, 1902, founded the Italian Athletic Federation in Milan, of which he remained president until March 1911. It was the basis of the current structure, which has shaped “excellent managers and champions of the first magnitude, who have won countless medals and trophies on mats, mats and platforms all over the world “.

And the value card? Inserted in the “Sport” itinerary and available from today, it is a “B”, still for a few days on sale at 1.10 euros (on June 27 it will go up to 1.20); it is useful for sending a postcard or a standard letter of first port within the country. It is self-adhesive, printed in three hundred thousand copies collected in sheets of forty-five. The sketch is by Silvia Girlanda and again by Livio Toschi. It offers the aforementioned Lazio facility and three pairs of athletes engaged in wrestling, judo and karate. The cancellation is available at the Roma Ostia Lido post office in piazzale della Posta 6/8; a second, requested by the Campania Regional Committee, will be used tomorrow from 9 to 15 at the Coni headquarters in via Longo 46 in Naples (continue).

The cancellation of the first day at Roma Ostia Lido and the one announced for tomorrow in Naples
The cancellation of the first day at Roma Ostia Lido and the one announced for tomorrow in Naples



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