This is the fortune of Rob Gronkowski, former Patriots and Bucs player

El tight end Rob Gronkowski said goodbye to the gridirons for the second time in his career, after his second year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and it seems to be the definitive one. However, the player left with a huge fortune.

wake up to Celebrity Net Worth, Gronkowski owns two houses in Foxborough Massachusetts and a condominium in Miami, Florida and has a fortune of 45 million dollars. Based on information from Spotrac, Gronkowski earned $70.629 million in 11 seasons as a professional. With the Pats he earned 53,379 and with the Buccaneers he earned 17,250.

En su libro ‘It’s Good to Be Gronk’, the tight end stated that he had not spent any dollars of his salary as a player and that he lived from his sponsorships, among which are brands such as Nike, Visa, T-Mobile and other brands.

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Breakdown of contracts

When he came to the NFL as a second-round pick in the 2010 Draft, ‘Gronk’ signed a four-year, $4.44 million contract. He subsequently agreed to a six-year, $54 million contract extension with the Pats, the largest ever for a tight end. Due to his first retirement, which happened in 2019, he only received the first five years of the contract with New England.

When he decided to return to the NFL, the Patriots got a fourth-round pick for the tight end to get to the Buccaneers, and in 2020 he completed the final year of his contract extension. After winning Super Bowl LV with the Bucs, Gronk signed another year in exchange for eight million dollars..



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