The table tennis tournament was fully experienced in Villa la Angostura

This weekend a table tennis session was held at the Enrique Barbagelata gym with guests from San Martín de los Andes, Bariloche, and Dina Huapi, along with a clinic given by the professional Paulina González to the various categories of beginners, intermediate , advanced and third.

With a lot of rhythm, the great table tennis tournament was held, which had a good audience, taking into account that the activity started at 10 am with the clinic of Professor Paulina González, who taught the different hits, serves and rally at the time of learning or training, culminating in an open talk with all the participants, evacuating different doubts and showing the situations on the pitch.

In addition, a rally exhibition was held with the participation of student Braian Obando, a student from Bariloche who participates in various competition circuits.

After the training, “responsibility was emphasized when training, to achieve the proposed objectives, which are achieved with pleasure in the discipline we choose, with sacrifice, with aptitude, and above all things, the mental predisposition and the accompaniment of sports equipment”, they expressed from the organization.

Then, the main course of the day began: the table tennis competition in the different categories.

On the level beginners15 players were part of the contest in which the first place was in the hands of Iván Rodríguez (12 years old), followed by Lautaro Dip (16 years old), and in third place Mathias Ignacio (16 years old).

While at the level Intermediate30 athletes signed up in the tournament that had Agustín Borgues as the winner, followed by Enrique Rogel from Villa la Angostura, and Magdalena Cifuentes from the town was the one who completed the podium.

With 28 registered, Nahuel Moral from San Martín de los Andes was the one who won first place in the category Advancedfollowed by Rubén Russo from Villa Meliquina, and finally the top 3 went to Camilo Hermosilla from Angostura.

Finally, the category Third presented with 21 players, and the position was led by Nahuel Moral from San Martín de los Andes, while second place went to Francisco Doti from Dina Huapi, and Sergio Meijide from Villa la Angostura took third place.

In turn, the CET players and Mauro Barrientos stand out, who, despite being reduced in their movements due to the wheelchair, were able to play as equals with their peers.

After 4:00 p.m., a tribute was paid to Eduardo Cofre, who in life was the great table tennis athlete who represented the town in so many events. A commemorative plaque was given to the family in recognition of his career, in the presence of the Secretary of Government Javier De los Ríos, and the Municipal Sports Director Cristian Sandoval.


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