The joy of the Pgc for Procida in the NBA. “Sometimes reality goes beyond dreams”

Munafò’s words: «Now an even more difficult and demanding path begins for Gabriele. This arrival point today becomes a starting point ”

The echo of Gabriele Procida’s great move to the NBA has not yet died out. To confirm this, the words of Antonio Munafò, the creator of the Pgc miracle, where the boy from Lipomo grew up: “I am very happy for us, for Cantù basketball, for the Procida family – he said – but above all my embrace is for Gabriele who deserves this great satisfaction because, in addition to being a good boy, he is a true sportsman, who has always lavished great commitment, dedication and determination ever since he arrived at the 12-year-old from the minibasket and joined the Young Cantù Project ».

A champion grown and pampered at home. «I do not hide the fact that when we started the PCG adventure 15 years ago – he continues -, albeit in the midst of a thousand difficulties, we set ourselves and then achieved very ambitious goals. National finals, Italian titles, players in Serie A and in the national team, but none of us dared to dream of the NBA for one of our players. Fortunately, reality sometimes goes beyond dreams ».

There is an anecdote that gives a good idea of ​​the moment. “Seeing Gabriele grow in physique, technique and in his extraordinary athletic skills was exciting for all of us in the Pgc and slowly this dream also began to whirl through our heads to the point that three years ago we were faced with a dramatic choice: to play the semi-final and final of the Under 18 championship with Gabriele on the field and surely win the title, since we then lost in extra time, or let him reach an NBA camp in Riga in Latvia to embark on the path that led him today to be a player of the Nba, the Pgc and his commendable companions of that fabulous U18 team have chosen Gabriele’s future and we all share his great joy together ».

“The journey begins”

The wish and the push. «Now for Gabriele an even more difficult and demanding path begins – Munafò closes -. This arrival point today becomes a starting point, but I am sure that his great passion combined with the great determination that he has always shown will give him the strength to reach new and more ambitious goals. The dream continues. Come on Gabri ».




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