The format of the National Basketball League 2022/2023: this is how it will be played, with a new Super 20 and a debutant team

The 2021/22 season of the National Basketball League (LNB) ended less than a week ago, but the next one is already planned and what the Executive Board of the Association of Clubs (ADC) decided in a meeting that took place in Córdoba, in the run-up to the third game of the final between Quimsa de Santiago del Estero and Instituto, which won the Glory and achieved its first title in history, must be endorsed at the General Assembly that will take place on July 5. Unless any item of the agreement is modified, there are news: new Super 20, a debutant team and six clubs of the 20 that will compete will also have activity at the international level.

Everything diagrammed in the meeting must be endorsed by the Ordinary General Assembly on July 5

Of the 20 clubs that will be part of the seasonexcept that someone desists from participating for economic reasons, one will have his first time and it is Independiente de Oliva, who recently won the Argentine League (LA) -defeated Zárate Basket in the final by a convincing 3-0- and promoted. It will be the third institution in the province of Córdoba in the competition after Institute and Athens and will have his first experience.

The 2022/23 National League will have 20 clubs and one of them, Independiente de Oliva, will make its debut
The 2022/23 National League will have 20 clubs and one of them, Independiente de Oliva, will make its debut

A plaza that was lost is that of Santa Cruz because Hispano Americano from Río Gallegos was relegated after losing an exciting series with Union of Santa Fe, which will face its second consecutive LNB. the rest will be Instituto, Atenas, Quimsa, Regatas and San Martín de Corrientes; Argentino de Junín, Mercedes Communications (Corrientes), Boca Juniors, Ferro, Sanitary Works, Peñarol de Mar del Plata, Comodoro Rivadavia Gymnastics, La Unión de Formosa, Oberá Tennis Club de Misiones, La Banda Olympic (Santiago del Estero) , Platense, Riachuelo de La Rioja and San Lorenzo. As usual, a very federal league.

The campus of the champion, Instituto de Córdoba
The campus of the champion, Instituto de CórdobaMatias Garcia / National League

Finally, there will be a Development League on par with the LNB for those under 21 years of age and the champion will be defined in a Final 4. The Women’s League, meanwhile, will start on November 10 and the winner will go to the South American League.



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