The end of year party at the Judo Club

Montsalvy. End of year party at the Judo Club de la Châtaigneraie. Saturday morning, the Montsalvy dojo was at the party for the judokas of the Judo Club de la Châtaigneraie, chaired by Sylvie Visini and trained by Jordan Luis.

Officially, it was the presentation of diplomas and new belts, carried out in the presence of Cédric Lallé of the Departmental Judo Committee, representatives of the municipalities of Montsalvy and Cassaniouze and many parents.

In Montsalvy and Cassaniouze

Previously, Jordan Luis held short demo sessions. Nicolas and Sylvie Visini, Jordan and Émilie practiced self-control exercises and spectacular falls. Each judoka received his diploma, his new belt and Cédric Lallé presented diplomas of congratulations to Philippe Arricau, treasurer and to Jordan Luis. A diploma of involvement was awarded to Maryvonne Méallet for services rendered since the creation of the club. Isabelle Lemaire, former president, was offered a flower. “To date, the club has 73 licensees, including 34 in Cassaniouze, said Jordan Luis. A slight erosion has been observed over the past two years. But the practice of judo for all categories and taïso for the elders is on the right track. Manon and Léon, two young people, honorably represented the club at the Andrézieux regionals. Make way for the new season, Thursday in Montsalvy and Saturday in Cassaniouze”.

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