The Blues exceed expectations

With a total of 11 medals, the French fencing team succeeded in its European championships. Obviously promising as the Worlds approach.

Three gold medals, eleven podiums: the Blues were at home in Turkey. The French fencing team has perfectly negotiated the European championships, one of the major meetings of the year 2022. A more than satisfactory result for the Tricolores, who leave Antalya in full confidence at only three weeks world championships which will take place in Cairo (Egypt).

Gold for sabers, 15 years later

The last day of competition added the icing on a very beautiful cake. In the women’s saber team event, Sara Balzer, Sarah Noutcha, Caroline Queroli and Malina Vongsavady managed to clinch gold. Beyond the victory against Italy in the final, it had been a long time since France had won the women’s saber team event. Indeed, you have to go back to 2007 to see a European title for Les Bleues with this weapon. Fifteen years later, they return to success. With the way.

Of perfectionism and envy

In bronze, the swordsmen have some regrets at the end of the competition. Individual European champion, Yannick Borel remains a perfectionist. “There are positives and negatives. Positive, because coming back again with a medal is a strong signal that shows that we are a strong team. We miss this victory, this team is under construction with medals, Cairo arrives. It reassures us about our strength because we are on the podium once again, a team is not built in two days. Disappointed not to have been able to finish properly against Italy, it is the role of a finisher. However, I have no regrets, but I have things to correct. » A conquering approach which could allow the French team to succeed in very fine world championships in three weeks.



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