Stupulis crew takes the tenth place in the World Championship qualification in Belgium – Motorsports –

The combined crew of Estonia and Latvia entered the start in group B. In the competition of 17 crews on the Lommel track Gordejevs / Stupelis took the tenth place, less than a minute and a half behind the winners.

Group B was won by Julian Veldman / Glen Gensens, who finished 15 seconds ahead of Justin Keuben / Dion Rytman, while third place went to the Daniel Willemsen / Rodolf Lebreton duo.

Cohen Hermans / Nicholas Muse won Group A, where he finished three seconds ahead of Etienne Baks / Odrey Cherak. The others lost significantly, but Tim Leferink / Konstantin Beleckas took third place.

The finals of the third stage of the world championship will take place on Sunday.

Before Sunday’s events, Baks / Chermaks are three points ahead of Kert Varik / Lari Kunnas in the season standings, this time fourth in Group B. Gordeyev is currently in 17th place with Stupel.

Group A:

Group B:



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