Stephen Curry announces he will compete in the 2024 Paris Olympics

Stephen Curry led the Golden State Warriors to win the championship this season by beating the Boston Celtics. Not only did he redeem himself after Kevin Durant’s departure, but winning the FMVP award also means that he has no regrets in his NBA career. As big as the entire basketball field, Stephen Curry still lacks an Olympic gold medal to embellish his record.

When Steve Kerr was interviewed after the championship game at Game 6, he was asked what awards Stephen Curry lacked, and he said frankly, “He lacks an Olympic gold medal, and I think he should join and help form the Paris Olympic team.” At the Warriors’ championship parade, Stephen Curry also mentioned that he “is still not good enough, because I still need to play for Kerr in the 2024 Paris Olympics, and I will do it.”

Even as the league’s top cricket star, Stephen Curry has never participated in an Olympic competition in his career. He was not selected for the 2012 London Olympics, and his wife was pregnant with an ankle injury in the 2016 Rio Olympics. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics also declined due to the off-season to protect his body. Trick, the 2024 Paris Olympics is indeed the last chance for Stephen Curry, who will be 36 years old, to win the gold medal.



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