Sport, summer camps reopen in Bari Summer for kids in fun

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Dall’Angiulli al Cus, the prices and the companies that organize the activities. They range from basketball to tennis and volleyball. Free for those who cannot

from Enrico Filotico

The children’s summer began the day after school was over. This is why in the city there was immediately the rush to the summer camp, private structures, parishes and municipal initiatives. Our summer camps are marked by sporting activity, he says Gaetano Ingravallo president of Angiulli. All sports disciplines are practiced, in the company of our qualified instructors and a series of continuous Ingravallo tutors. To understand the organizational machine that requires a summer camp of this type, the president of the sports center provides some numbers. We now have 250 children between the ages of four and fifteen. The younger the children are, the more tutors we match with the instructors, so that we can be sure that the children are being followed continuously.

What to do

The activities that take place are traditional ones and also some new discoveries. The sports are tennis, volleyball, basketball, five-a-side football and now we are bringing them closer to padel – then the number one of the structure continues – boys do rhythmic gymnastics and also other disciplines related to athletics. What I must underline is the great interest we have found among the youngest in basketball, which is back in fashion. In collaboration with the municipality, Angiulli has also allowed the children of residents of Municipality II with an isee of less than 10 thousand euros to participate for free. A mix between federal instructors and tutors that enhances the role of sport, a tool through which youngsters learn group dynamics. Many of the summer camps rely on external structures. The Coni as in the case of Angiulli or the Levante Azzurro in the case of the Tennis Club. The summer camps that we organize are on three structures, for the work that we carry out at the Ct our flagship. The structure lends itself, there are numerous services and the greenery very present throughout the area, The similar scheme, each with its own peculiarities, in the case of the Club for teaching great athletes former professionals basketball prerogative of Lele Zotti, fencing is taught by champion Andrs Carillo. Then there is dance, beach volleyball and padel.

Lots of animation

Not only sport for, Cesareo explains that there is also the animation of Raffaele Sciannameo that entertains the children in the less intense moments. We really care a lot about organizing everything. The same goes for Cus Bari. The president Antonio Prezioso since his election he has put a lot of emphasis on the work to be done during the summer. We host the kids, all of them. The sports are varied, here we can also count on the activities to be carried out at sea, says Prezioso who in the past boasts a history as a formidable rower. The prices in the city are basically the same, from 60 euros per week for the basic package up to 120 euros depending on the services that the various structures offer. Lunch at the restaurant, transport by bus or specific clothing for those who request it. In the city the rules are similar. It is possible to welcome children from 8 to 18 for most of the organizers, while the activities are held until the first week of August and then resume the last and definitively end at the beginning of the school. For those who prefer municipal organizations, the commissioner Pietro Petruzzelli he says that the most important initiative of the administration is to en route to Bari, a project that provides citizens with free sailing, canoeing and rowing courses.

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