Soccer hooligan knocks out rival of ultras caged fighter in “most brutal finish ever”


A Zenit St Petersburg hooligan produced one of the most brutal knockouts in MMA during an unarmed match in King of the Streets.

Kasta8 faced the OAK, another football thug representing the Polish team of Ark Gdynia, in a fierce battle. To add even more stakes to the clash, the two lined up on a concrete floor.

The Russian performed a judo takedown to override his opponent before delivering a flurry of punches culminating in around 12-6 elbows. OAK was left unconscious on the floor with his face covered in blood after the referee intervened to stop the fight.

One fan said: “I also feel uncomfortable watching it. Jesus”.

“Because on a horrible combination of concrete and bare hands, what is the reason for that,” added a second. While a third tweeted: “I mean, if the stoppage is SO late, then why bother even having a referee. Holy smokes “.

“One of the most brutal finishes I’ve ever seen, you’ve been warned,” added another.

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Kasta8 was able to climb to the top with a judo throw

Kasta8 won the bout as a result

Kasta8 won the bout as a result

One of nearly 150,000 YouTube viewers so far posted: “You know the ending is brutal when even KOTS doesn’t fully show it in the replay.”

King of the Streets became famous for his brutal concrete knockouts: A recent fight saw a fighter bang his head on the floor in disgusting scenes.

Fans have been critical of the concrete flooring as the promotion seeks to emphasize its ‘underground’ nature.



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