Serie B is closer, the Ortoetruria WeCom flies to the final!

Sport – Basketball – Serie C gold – The blue star still folds the San Nilo Grottaferrata and closes the series in two matches – At the Palazzetto Saverio Coscia ends 64-75

by Samuele Sansonetti

Sport – Basketball – Blue Star – The team

Grottaferrata – WeCom Orthoetruria to scream and final reached.

The Blue Star once again folds the San Nilo Grottaferrata and also wins the second match of the semifinals.

At the building Saverio Coscia ends 64-75 and Fanciullo’s team, also winning at PalaMalè, closes the series in two matches.

The match of the bianconcostellati was beautiful, once again played well against one of the top teams of the championship.

Now, for Ortoetruria WeCom, a little rest and eyes on the other semifinal: tonight at 8.45 pm game 2 between Virtus Roma and Stella Azzurra Roma will be played, which could already be decisive in terms of the final. The favorite, given the 73-65 of the first leg, is the blue star Roma who only need one victory to move on to the next round.

Samuele Sansonetti

June 2, 2022

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