Sebastián Pérez, from Chivas, and the other forgotten Tricolor Sub-20

In the call that Luis Pérez announced for the Under-20 World Cup there are names that draw attention due to their absence and one of them is Sebastián Pérez, a member of Chivas.

The Tricolor Sub 20 is preparing for its second match in the Premundial Sub 20, which gives a ticket to the World Cup of the Category and the 2024 Olympic Games, although players such as Sebastián Pérez Bouquet are missing from Luis Pérez’s list, from Chivas, or Emiliano García, who returned from Villarreal to Puebla.

“We all know that we are a great group, at this moment it is made up of 20, the group has always been much more important, all those who are here have too much quality, capacity, we have between 28 and 30 players who have not been able to come, for the regulations, but they are all equally important; at the time there was Marcelo, who has qualities, talent, but we prioritize the team more than the individual”, commented Luis Pérez, coach of the Mexican Under 20 National Team.

• Sebastian Perez Bouquet – Chivas

The Chivas youth squad had some flashes in the First Division last tournament, adding 370 in the top circuit, fast and skillful with the ball, a promise for the rojiblancos, but not on Luis Pérez’s list.

• Emiliano Garcia – Puebla

The Puebla youth squad stood out in the lower divisions of Villarreal of Spain. He had a few minutes in the European competitions of his category and drew attention during his time in the Old Continent, he was left out of Luis Pérez’s call and there are some reports of physical discomfort. He now returns to Puebla, a team with which he hopes to add First Division minutes.

• Nathan Ordaz – Las Vegas Lights

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The attacker resigned from El Salvador and the United States to go with Mexico to the Concacaf Under-20 World Cup, he was on Luis Pérez’s pre-list, but the Las Vegas Lights player was left out.

• Diego Abreu – Defender Sporting

Diego Abreu is the son of Sebastián el Loco Abreu and caught the attention of Mexico for his attacking ability. An injury and pressure from Uruguay have cooled the relationship between the Tricolor and the ‘Loquito’, even so the player continues with the door open for a call from the Mexican National Team.



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