Rüdiger: “There was interest from Barça, but it was Real Madrid or nothing”

Antonio Rüdiger, during the press conference. / Photo: Javier Soriano (Afp) | Video: Atlas


The German central defender reveals that the conversation he had with Ancelotti in April was key to finalizing his signing for the Chamartín club

Antonio Rüdiger made his decision to sign for Real Madrid in April after having a conversation with Carlo Ancelotti and ignored other proposals such as the one presented to him by Barça, once the Reggiolo coach conveyed the desire to have his services. “There was interest on the part of Barça, but I told my brother (his representative), that I wanted to come to Real Madrid, that or nothing”, revealed the German center-back in his debut as a brilliant reinforcement of the brand-new European champion.

«The first time there was contact between Real Madrid and my agent was in September of last year. In April I spoke with Ancelotti. That contact with the coach was the most important contact because it was when I decided to play for this club. Ancelotti told me that he wanted me here, that he trusted me and that I could help him and the team a lot. That, at my age, is enough », narrated Rüdiger in the press conference that he offered after signing the contract that will bind him to Real Madrid for the next four seasons. After ending his stage at Chelsea, the Berlin center-back arrives at zero cost and will receive around nine million euros net per year. He will wear the number ’22’, which until now belonged to Isco.

“I can promise you that I will give everything for this club. I want to win all the titles we can. Hala Madrid and nothing else!”, were the first words of Rüdiger as a new Real Madrid player after Florentino Pérez welcomed him by describing him as “one of the best defenders in the world” and showed his conviction that his incorporation it will help whites to be “stronger and more competitive”.

“Madrid have a lot of very good players in my position, but I feel quite safe. I can bring competitiveness, something very healthy for any team. It is a challenge that interests me a lot, ”Rüdiger explained shortly after in his appearance before the press, displaying that confidence in his possibilities that has allowed him to become one of the defenders most feared by rival strikers on the current scene .

Admirer of Ronaldo and Pepe

Happy and smiling, Rüdiger revealed that he grew up watching the feats with the Real Madrid jersey of Ronaldo Nazàrio, his childhood idol, and also those of Zinedine Zidane, who amazed him with the Glasgow volley that sealed the Ninth. “At Real Madrid the most important thing is victory. He has shown it several times over the years, winning many titles, winning many Champions. Although there were doubts outside the club, Real Madrid has been able to achieve it. It’s incredible », said a footballer who was trained in the Borussia Dortmund and Stuttgart academies, the latter club with which he debuted in the Bundesliga at the age of 18.

The German was the first championship that Rüdiger knew, who from there went to Roma and later to Chelsea, with whom he was proclaimed European champion in 2021. «For me, having the opportunity to play in several leagues is something wonderful. The German league is very physical. Italy, on the other hand, is a very tactical country and it is important to learn to control each match. In the Premier you have to play many games of great intensity, it is a very physical league, “explained the defender, “excited” at the opportunity to extend that rich background playing in the Spanish League.

Rüdiger, who once again cited ex-Madridista Pepe as a great reference, easily assumes the pressure that comes with landing at Real Madrid after a season in which the Whites have reigned in Spain and Europe. “This is a very, very big club, and it is a very important step for me, but I try to enjoy the pressure. I feel very lucky to be here, to do what I love. It’s a pressure that I like to have,” said the German, who stressed that signing for Real Madrid was “a very simple decision.”

Minutes before answering questions from the press, Rüdiger had the opportunity to visit the trophy room accompanied by Florentino Pérez, in which the fourteen ‘orejonas’ that Real Madrid treasures stand out. “Seeing those cups teaches you what the only objective of this club is, victory, and I want to be part of that,” he closed.



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