Roosters are looking for talent from Puebla to try out in professional basketball

Sports Tribune
06/08/2022 , 9:49 pm

Looking ahead to the 2022 edition of the Pacific Basketball Circuit, Roosters Puebla, the team that returns professional burst sport to the state capital, calls for its try out, which aims to strengthen the squad that it will represent in the coming months to Angelópolis in the largest basketball competition in the country in relation to the number of participating teams in various regions.

The first testing ground for Roosters Puebla will take place on Saturday, June 11 at 1:00 p.m., in the Nido Naranja, the Interamerican University gym.

CIBAPAC, in order to promote Mexican talent, establishes that the clubs must have some elements in full development, which is why Roosters Puebla launches its call to carry out the try out for applicants with a minimum age of 15 years old at the time of presenting themselves to the Orange nest.

Iván García, director of Roosters Puebla, pointed out some details and characteristics of this event which, by the way, is free and open to all players who register.

“The testing field is free of charge and represents a good opportunity for players 15 years of age and older who want to enter professional basketball with a team that, without a doubt, will represent Puebla in a great way. It should be noted that as a new franchise today we are open to this possibility of carrying out a test field so we invite the community to register electronically through our account Instagram (Roosters Puebla)”.

Iván García added: “Any player who is selected will have the benefits of a professional player, among them, they will have a nutritionist, a physiotherapist, economic issues and, of course, participation in high-level competitions that include trips all over the world. the country and, therefore, the possibility of experiencing sports and personal development”, concluded the director of Roosters Puebla.



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