Riley, the daughter of Steph Curry, is still making the buzz at the Warriors parade!

NBC Sports Bay Area (DR) / Rawel Visual

Having become a star of the networks on the occasion of the first title won by Steph and her teammates, Riley Curry has since grown up a lot. Present for the celebration of the latest, the young girl once again caught the light with an ultra-touching scene!

With already three parades of this kind to his credit, he could have shown a little weariness. It was bad to know Stephen Curry, and the special aspect that the Warriors parade organized on Monday took on for him. After two difficult years without the playoffs, the Dubs finally tasted the success they had grown accustomed to, and saw their star point guard finally crowned Finals MVP.

It was therefore all smiles that the Chef strutted about on his team’s bus, accompanied by all the trophies he has managed to glean in recent months. The opportunity for him to share a new viral and provocative photo on the networks, as well as a big message for his haters, but also to share a good time with his children. Even if it means being upstaged at times!

The crazy request addressed to Riley Curry in full parade

Discovered 7 years ago by the NBA planet during a memorable press conference, Riley Curry was once again alongside her father to celebrate her latest achievement. On the eve of her 10th birthday, the young girl did not monopolize the microphone as at the time, but in spite of herself attracted attention. Indeed, a child present in the crowd simply asked for her… in marriage, causing a buzz sequence!

Unlike her parents, Riley immediately spotted the sign that was intended for her, and was not indifferent to this interest! She indeed greeted her courtier with a big smile… which did not necessarily please Steph and Ayesha, who would no doubt like their eldest daughter not to fall immediately into the arms of a boy. The proof in pictures !

7 years after his first brilliance at the 2015 Finals, Riley Curry has visibly retained a share of celebrity among the fans. One of them would, for example, see himself asking for her hand, which Steph and Ayesha unfortunately risk refusing!



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