Rafael Nadal, Wimbledon 2022 debut sensations against Cerúndolo

With the enthusiasm of a junior and the competitive intelligence of a veteran. This is how it shows Rafael Nadal in each competition that he disputes and it was not going to be less in Wimbledon 2022. It had been three years since this myth of world sport had stepped on the grass of the All England Lawn Tennis Club and, in just one match, he has already left his mark, with tennis full of energy and motivation that excites all fans of this sport. He won in four hard-fought sets Francisco Cerundolo and appeared at a press conference without mincing words to talk about many issues that went beyond his feelings on the track. It is worth reflecting on her words.

Sensations in his debut at Wimbledon 2022

“It was difficult and I expected it to be after three years without competing on grass. I think Cerúndolo played a great game, he served well, he hit well both forehand and backhand… I had to raise my level on the final stretch and that is what gives me the opportunity to continue in the tournament. It is a very positive match for me, although obviously, I know that I have room to improve”, declared a Nadal satisfied with continuing in the tournament. “The victory is important because it gives me the option to continue training to give a better performance. Each match here is a key test for me,” warned the Balearic tennis player, whose next rival will be Ricard Berankis.

“When it’s cold, the ball is very heavy and it becomes difficult to play. I had the game more or less controlled for two sets, but then the angle at which the sun came in bothered me a lot. I think that for a right-hander there is not as much problem as for a southpaw. The important thing is that I have been humble, I accepted the challenge and I improved when I needed it the most. I know that if I am able to survive the first rounds, I will have opportunities to play at a much higher level, “he said.

What do you think of Berrettini’s positive for COVID and how it can affect him

“I don’t think I can be considered a close contact with Matteo when we were training outdoors, but anything can happen. At the moment I feel good and the main thing is that I am very sorry for the situation for him. I just hope he recovers as soon as possible.” possible, he is a good teammate and I know how sad he will be”, commented a Nadal who analyzed the regulations stipulated by the tournament, according to which taking a PCR test is optional, even with symptoms, and the tournament must be abandoned when you have a positive.

“Matteo had been sick for a couple of days and what I know is that it’s up to you if you want to take a test. If it’s positive, you’re out. We can discuss the rules as many times as we want, but those are the ones and we must follow them, because if not, the world would be a disaster,” said a Rafael Nadal that you will have to be aware of any symptoms that arise during the dispute of this Wimbledon 2022.



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