Player who spoke of being able to be a Racing reinforcement

It’s been a while since many have wanted to play in Racing. In recent years, beyond setbacks and some failures in sports, the Academy has become that club from which many expect a call in each transfer market. There are many reasons. The bold idea of ​​the game, the stable economy in the midst of Argentine football where it is difficult for everyone to pay their salaries, at the time the fact that Diego Milito was as Technical Secretary or Licha López on the field of play. The condiments to put on the shirt are many and always form a great dish. And in this context, an Argentine soccer player spoke of the chance of being a Racing reinforcement.

Who are we talking about? De Jesús Dátolo, Banfield’s offensive midfielder who is already 38 years old. In this case, what guided the question about the illusion of being a Racing reinforcement at some point is his love affair with Barbie Blanco. Today the player is a couple of the daughter of the president of the Academywho also performs functions in the club.

Dátolo and a striking statement about being a reinforcement of Racing.

Beyond this closeness, and the fact that he has been seen several times in the Cylinder to accompany his partner, his words attracted attention. “If at any time Racing comes to look for me, they will talk to my representative.”, started by telling the flyer in How is it going. And he immediately clarified that “my idea is to continue at Banfield.”

Can Dátolo be a Racing reinforcement? His situation with Banfield

Beyond this mention about the chance of being a Racing reinforcement, which has more to do with a question about his relationship with the club president’s daughter, the chances are practically zero. The player has a contract with Banfield until the end of the year and is in full negotiation with the leaders of that institution to see what he does after December. His desire, it is clear, is to continue there.

At 38 years old, and in a position where players abound in the Academy, it is clear that a call to his phone even if he is free for 2023 seems almost impossible. In fact, we will have to see what happens in his current club, where he has not yet closed his renewal. So far this year. Between the League Cup, the South American Cup, the Argentine Cup and the Professional League, Dátolo played 16 games and scored three goals. A high number of games played, but not so much in terms of minutes since many of these games came from the bench. Of these 16 games that he played in this 2022 he adds 494 minutes.



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