Paula Arcos: «I come to Bera Bera to win titles»

Paula Arcos, in her presentation as a Bera Bera player. / portuguese


The Super Amara Bera Bera presents the 20-year-old first line, Paula Arcos “present and future of the club”, and for many the signing of the summer

Raul Melero

Experts say that the incorporation of Paula Arcos (Petrer, Alicante, 2001) to Super Amara Bera Bera is the signing of the summer. “It is present and future,” the head of the Tati Garmendia section said about her, in addition to defining her as “shameless, dangerous and versatile.” She with an unusual poise for her 20 years of age in front of the microphones. If Arcos is like that in the 40×20 there is no doubt that the team from San Sebastian has incorporated carats. “I am delighted to be here, I really wanted to be part of this team, I was very excited and it is a new stage”, she confessed in what were the first words of the former Atlético Guardés player. “There is no better club than Bera Bera to continue growing as a player, it is one more step in my sports career and I hope this season goes well and I can give the team everything I have”.

Arcos is perhaps the player with the most projection in handball because she has an Olympic Games and a World Cup with the national team on her resume, to which she adds having been the best player in the Guerreras League the course that has just ended. “Nothing can go wrong, right?” smiles the woman from Alicante with this pairing in which the best team in the competition incorporates the most decisive player in the League. «I don’t have any kind of pressure, possibly that is said -to be the signing of the summer- because I am young and because at my age I have already played two very important international championships. I am a player who is still on the lips of many people, but that makes me more motivated and keeps working to go further”.

The new first line of the Bera Bera warns that Tati Garmedia’s definition of how it is on the track “is perfect” and about what has made him sign for the Bidebieta team, points out that “I have opted for the Bera Bera because I think that It is a great place to improve technically, physically and personally. It is a very good group of girls, a club where you can win a title so it is perfect for my sports career. The fact that Imanol Álvarez is at the head of the Gipuzkoan team only reinforces Arcos’s decision because «I have always liked Imanol as a coach but I have not opted for this just because Imanol is second in the team. I knew him for a long time and I see him as a very calm coach with whom I can learn a lot.

Paula Arcos aims to “get a title, since I haven’t been able to lift any yet” and about European participation, the Alicante woman already knows what it is because she participated with Guardés but “Bera Bera’s goals are different, we really want to and the goal is to go to the group stage, which would be something new in my sports career and we are going to fight for it.



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