Panama basketball team refines details

The Panama team of balloon U19 that will be participating in the XIX Bolivarian Games Valledupar 2022 refines the last details to leave for Colombia and seek the podium in the games that will be played from June 24 to July 5.

This team has practiced at the Los Andes Sports Complex and at the Roberto Durán Arena, and has also played practice games with the major national team. Panama who will be playing against Paraguay on June 30 and on July 3 against Argentina.

The director of the “red sleeveless Víctor Macías, will be in charge of the team and stressed that the team is in rhythm for the U21 tournament that took place a few weeks ago.


We have come out of a U21 tournament, in which all the boys were participating and were in good physical condition, we have only lengthened the process by working double session” detailed the technician.

To conclude, Macías mentioned: “The team is pretty tidy and we’re ready for the Bolivarian games in Valledupar”.

The team will be traveling on the 24th and will be facing Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic, which will attend as a guest team.

The Panamanian delegation will be participating in 24 sports disciplines: taekwondo, athletics, badminton, basketball, bowling, boxing, cycling, fencing, soccer, gymnastics, golf, judo, karate, weightlifting, wrestling, swimming, softball, tennis, tennis table tennis, archery, sports shooting, triathlon and beach volleyball.

The XIX Bolivarian Games will be held in the Colombian city of Valledupar and will have sub-venues in Cali, Bogotá, Chimichagua and Cundinamarca, where the Panamanian delegation will be present, emphasized the statement from the Panamanian Olympic Committee.

Between athletes, coaches, doctors and other personnel, the Panamanian delegation has around 247 people who will seek to do their best for Panama.



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